Learning from a Sales Master

Learning from a Sales Master

Grant Cardone, a Cut Above

Grant Cardone is an author and entrepreneur, as well as, a business and online sales training expert. His approach to sales is often considered aggressive and for that, he makes no apologies but rather convinces his followers that they should emulate him. In his book, “Sell or Be Sold” he points out that whether your official career title has the word sales in it or not, everyone sells in one way or another each and every day. The Doctors and Lawyers, while not having sales in their title sell themselves and their abilities each and every day. This makes perfect sense because confidence in ones skills and abilities is crucial to success and in obtaining clients to hire them. So this is indeed selling and persuading in its most raw form.

Cardone also mentions that it amazing that while sales permeates every field and every facet of living life, in general, it is not taught in schools and sadly has received a negative connotation. No one likes to feel as if they are being “sold” and yet, in nearly every situation, you are either selling or being sold, hence the title of the book. It is really not all that surprising when one thinks about it. Is there ever a time when you are not faced with having to persuade someone to your line of thinking in order to achieve what you want or obtain what you desire? This is, of course, rhetorical. From a baby crying to have their needs met to the toddler bargaining for a later bedtime, it is all about desires and the art and skill of acquisition. What challenges one may face in getting one’s desires and how to handle those are just another skill, according to Cardone.

Cardone speaks of fear as being one of the biggest challenges effecting one’s success or failure at sales. The fear of dialing the phone to present a product or service, the fear of rejection and well, the list of fears are endless. The solution sounds so simplistic because it is merely taking imperfect action. Understanding that it will be uncomfortable but as long as you believe in yourself and in your product or service and are completely passionate about what you have to offer, you will succeed. Although, some of this information is not new to people that have enjoyed motivational and or sales training via talks or books, his presentation is compelling as his demeanor is excited and his passion is palpable. There are many speakers and authors you can choose to enjoy when looking for inspiration, however, I believe Grant Cardone is one that you definitely should add to your top five list.


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